What is “Try It”?

“Try It” is our try-it-before-you-buy-it service. It means that you don’t have to fully commit to a product if you are not exactly sure that you will love it. You will only have to pay $5 initially, which will be credited back to you to spend on the products.


What is the difference between a “Try It” order and a regular order?

A “Try It” order allows you to pay little to nothing up front so you don’t have to commit to a product if you are not sure you love it. A Try It order will also only contain sample versions of the candles you want to try so you can burn away and not worry about returning them.


What can I expect in a "Try It" order?

For the most part, a "Try It" order will contain sample versions of the original candles. Each sample will be wrapped up and labeled so you know which one is which.


Do I need to return a "Try It" order?

Almost all "Try It" orders are not return-necessary. However, please refer to the question mark (?) icon to see if a "Try It" order for that item is return-necessary. You will also know if any item in your "Try It" order needs to be returned when you go to your account page. A return-unnecessary "Try It" order need not to be returned so you can explore the candle(s) in any way you would like.


Is there free shipping?

For members, shipping is free on almost any order. For non-members / free account holders, shipping is free for all Try It orders and orders that are $80 or above.


Is there free shipping for a "Try It" order?

Yes! For both non-members and members, shipping is free for all Try It orders. And for any normal order, shipping is free for anything $80 or above.
For members, shipping is free for any "Try It" order and most of normal orders.


What is a non-member?

A non-member is an account holder, which is free, but have not yet decided to become a member of FEELIT.


What is the cost of using the “Try It” service?

For both non-members and members, you will have to pay $5 up front, which is immediately credited back to you and that's it! Shipping is on us!


What “things” do I need to return a return-necessary “Try It” order?

A “Try It” order is setup to ensure an easy and smooth return process. Simply make sure you do not throw away any packaging material before returning, and there will be no extra packaging material or boxes needed from the customers. One will only need tape to tape back up the box when ready!


What if I accidentally threw away packing materials for a return-necessary “Try It” order?

No worries! Simply stuff some paper, bubble wraps, packing peanuts, or any of the sort to kindly make sure that the remaining products will not move around. Tape up the box and you are good to go!


Is there a free trial for the membership?

Yes! Any first-timer will get a 30-day free trial for the membership, after which you will be able to choose if you want to pay monthly or pay yearly and save!


How do I add products to a “Try It” order?

On every product page there will be a "Try It" button right under add to cart. When you click that, the item will be added to your "Try It" cart which is separate from your normal cart. For each button of each item, there will be a question mark (?) icon next to it specifying the size, whether return is necessary, and what exactly it is you will get from a "Try It" order.