Try It Details

What is the Try It service?

Sometimes reading a description is just not enough, so why not "Try It" to make sure you like it!
Here's how it works:

  • First you will need to have a free account with us or be a FEELIT member
  • For any item you would like to try, add to your "Try It" cart. Each Try It button will have a question mark icon (?) next to it to specify what exactly it is you are going to get from a "Try It" order
  • Most "Try It" orders are not return necessary BUT just in case it is, it will be specified in the question mark icon (?).
  • You will be charged a $5 flat fee for every 5 samples which will be credited back to your account to be spent on the products!
  • You can explore the products anyway you'd like. Then decide if you want to purchase the actual product... like the way it should be!

IF the products are to be returned, you will have 7 days to try out the products. On the 7th day or before, you can keep the products you want and send back the rest with the pre-paid shipping label! You will only be charged for the ones you keep!

Each customer can only request one Return Necessary Try It service at a time, until your purchase / return is completed.

**(Terms are different for non-members. Please see non-member section in Membership Details for more details)


Return Instructions:

  1. Put the products back into a box
  2. With any packaging material you desire, please make sure there is little to no empty space left inside the box for products to move around
  3. Put back the extra packing paper on top of the products
  4. Peel off the return label and stick it on the box
  5. Drop off the package at designated courier
  6. Get ready for your next Try It!

**Please don't throw away any packaging material before returning.
**Returned merchandise must be in its original (unlit) condition.